P90X Progress Photos

DAY 1, DAY 30, DAY 60, DAY 90



DAY 30

DAY 60

DAY 90


17 thoughts on “P90X Progress Photos

  1. shirinp90x says:

    You look great!!!! Way to go!!!!!!

    I am looking forward to being where you are in a month! Yahoo!

    Keep bringing it, man!!!!

  2. Bro congrats on the great transformation!!! I plan to knock it out in the same fashion you did!

  3. Veto402 says:

    Hey I just ordered p90x…and just looking for as much motivation from videos as possible!! You look great…hope to have as much of a transformation as you.

    • squawkasian says:

      Thanks a bunch! I wish you good luck on your first round. It’s an awesome program and I’m sure you’ll love it! I have my final results which is gonna be a great motivational video for anybody looking for motivation 🙂 So stay tuned!

  4. sausn2002 says:

    Good job, Gary! I start P90X as soon as I get it in the mail!

  5. hakim2010 says:

    i just finished my second week of lean i am at 203 lbs and 5’10 even though it’ll take me at least 2 rounds of p90x to get where u are i am determined. plus i need to get there before my freshman year at college :/ . you dont know how much motivation you’ve given me. thanks for posting and god bless.

  6. I commend the progress that you have made with the P90X program. I know that it is so easy to get distracted as a college student and still you accomplished so much. That alone motivates me. As a new mother for the 2nd time I was eager to read your blog. I read each day as though I were reading a new novel and it was very informative for someone who is preparing for their P90X journey. I even copied your snutrition spreadsheet to help keep me on track with my food intake (every bite counts :-). I must say that you even look younger. The old pic looks like it could be your older brother. Again congrats on the progress made.

  7. one more note…I fhave found it very helpful to watch the excerises before beginning cold feet. I feel more comfortable now knowing what to expect.

  8. Jason says:

    DUDE…….YOU MADE THE COMMERCIAL…..IM SO PROUD OF YOU!!!!!! Here is the link to your video…..you ROCK!!!!


    So So So Proud of you…..

    • squawkasian says:

      Thanks bro!

      I knew a couple days ago that I made it 🙂 It’s awesome that I got 2 spots on there. Thanks again man! I appreciate the support you’ve given me.

      – Gary

  9. Issac says:

    Dude your results have honestly motivated me, every other results I’ve seen are from way older people with beer bellys or guys who were already in decent shape. Although my starting weight was like 12 pounds lighter, I sorta have/had the same body shape, and seeing your results has really given me some hope, especially since I’m dealing with my freshman college year. I’m about to start week 4 so looking forward to seeing some differences in my body in the next 3 weeks
    take care man!

  10. Ian Cross says:

    Wow! Man you look great!!!! You look like a whole new man! I actually just finished the first DVD for doubles this morning and this gives me a whole lot of confidence! And I have a question for you, did you see or feel a lot of changes in the first month?

  11. Carmelo says:

    What’s up bro I’m also doing p90x insanity hybrid it’s my 24th day I have some questions if u have a min thx a lot If u can email me that would be great

  12. AndDev says:

    Tell us the truth! The day 90 man is not you, is just you gym-fanatic brother!
    Just joking! 🙂 Really impressive!

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